Connect to a Network License

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--This article applies to the following GoldSim product versions: 10.5 (SP6 or later), 11.0 (update 8 or later), and 11.1 (update 4 or later)--

This section describes how to connect to a GoldSim Network License.  Before connecting to a Network License, you must (1) have GoldSim installed on your machine, and (2) have a valid License Server address (provided by your License Administrator) to which you can be persistently connected.

When you open an unlicensed copy of GoldSim, you will see the following dialog:



To use a Network license, press the Connect to Network License button. You will see the Network License Configuration dialog:



Enter the License Server address provided to you by your license administrator.  If there are modules available on the License Server that you would like to use, you can request a module by checking the box next to the module you would like to use:



If there is an available license on the License Server, GoldSim will open after you press Close. If you subsequently open the License Manager dialog (by selecting Help|Licensing…  from the main GoldSim menu), the dialog will look something like this:



The top section, Acquired License Features, will indicate that your license is a Network license. If you were successful in acquiring any modules you requested from the License Server, this will also be indicated in this section.

The bottom section (Network License Configuration) shows the Network License Address and also the features you have requested from the License Server. Note that this section indicates what you have requested from the License Server. This does not indicate what you have actually acquired from the License Server. If all licenses are in use or the License Server does not have a module you are requesting, you will get one or more error messages indicating you were not able to acquire the requested feature(s). You can always see what features you have successfully acquired by looking at the Acquired License Features section.

Note: You can change the License Server and the modules you wish to request by pressing the Configure… button, which reopens the Network License Configuration dialog.

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