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Other GoldSim Resources

Other GoldSim resources (that are not in the Help Center) include:

  • FAQs

    Answers to basic questions about GoldSim (capabilities, pricing, etc.).

  • GoldSim Help

    Provides a complete description of the features and capabilities of GoldSim.

  • Model Library

    A collection of example models that demonstrate how specific features of GoldSim can be used and/or how GoldSim can be used for specific applications.

  • Free Online Course

    This free, self-paced Course is intended to provide you with an introduction to probabilistic, dynamic simulation, specifically focusing on the use of the GoldSim software tool.

  • Blog

    An informal mechanism for GoldSim staff to share knowledge, highlight advanced (and perhaps overlooked) GoldSim features, discuss interesting applications, and keep you abreast of our plans for further GoldSim developments.

Community Forum

Community Forum