Return (Deactivate) a Network License

Jason -

Follow these steps to return (deactivate) your Network License.

Prerequisites: GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil), License activation, Flexnet Publisher License Server (FNPLS)

  1. Stop the GoldSim License Server vendor daemon.
  2. On the server, start up the GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil) software. 
  3. Click on the "Return" button to return the license.
    • NOTE: You may want to copy the Activation ID to the clipboard for later use. To do so, click on the "copy" button adjacent the Activation ID drop list.
    • NOTE: If you don't have access to the Internet from this server, proceed with an Offline Return.
  4. If successful, you should see a message indicating successful return followed by an empty GLSActUtil window.   
  5. The Network license is now returned.
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