Phase Plots for 2 Time Series

Jason -

I have two functions (say F and G) which are both functions of time. I would like to create a phase plot of these two variables in which F is plotted versus G, with the various points on the plot representing different points in time.


Currently, there is no way to directly create this plot in GoldSim. GoldSim Developers have been considering adding this in a future version. If you think this is an important feature, and would like to see it sooner than later, let know.

Currently, you can do one of two things as a workaround:

  • Lookup values for each realization in a Monte Carlo simulation (time series only)
  • Export data to a spreadsheet and plot the data there


For the GoldSim workaround:

Record the time history of G and F into Time Series elements, pass the Time Series definitions into a submodel that runs statically (no duration) for a number of realizations equal to the number of time points in G and F. Assuming the time increment in the time series "F" is a constant 1 day, write the following expressions inside the submodel:

F(ETime + (Realization-1) * 1 d)

Write the following expression for time series "G":

G(ETime + (Realization-1) * 1 d)

These expressions will return the value at the elapsed time from the beginning of the time series and then subsequent values upon subsequent Monte Carlo realizations. Use a Multi-Variate plot element to view a "phase plot" for F and G. If you don't want to run your entire model in Monte Carlo mode, put these time series and expressions into a submodel.


For the Spreadsheet workaround:

Cut and paste the results to Excel and create the plot there:

  1. Plot F in GoldSim
  2. Add a second output (G) to the result plot
  3. Display the results as a table
  4. Press Ctrl-A to select the entire table
  5. Press Ctril-C to cut the table to the clipboard
  6. Open Excel and press Ctrl-V to paste the table into Excel
  7. Create the plot in Excel.


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