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Reservoir with Multiple Operating Pools

Jason -

The purpose of this model is to simulate the operations of a dam using multiple operating pools. Releases are made from the reservoir as the water level rises and falls into and out of each of the 4 pools defined: Inactive, Conservation, Flood, and Spillway. Water is released to provide water supply for a seasonal irrigation demand through an outlet works that is limited by hydraulic constraints and timing of the demands. In addition, the water level in the reservoir must be within the "Conservation" pool in order to deliver water to the irrigation demand. As the water level rises into the "Flood" pool, then extra flood releases are made through this same outlet facility. If the outlet facility is not able to provide enough capacity to maintain a safe water level below the spillway, then the water will rise above the spillway crest and begin to spill over the uncontrolled spillway. The input parameters of this model can be entered and also results viewed through a dashboard.

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  • reservoir
  • pools
  • operations
  • hydraulics
  • decision
  • spillway
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