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Hydroelectric Power Revenue Optimization

Jason -

The purpose of this model is to demonstrate the use of GoldSim's built-in optimization routine by optimizing reservoir operations in order to maximize revenues generated by a hydroelectric dam. This is a model of a hypothetical system based on measured flows at a site in eastern Utah, USA. The system includes a diversion on a river that conveys water to an off-stream reservoir. Water is discharged from the reservoir at a rate that is determined by orifice flow and turned on and off based on "target" water levels that are set for each of the 4 seasons of the year. These target values are optimization variables and will be set by GoldSim using optimization. The diversion capacity as well as the outlet size are also optimization variables. These variables are adjusted automatically in order to find the maximum annual average revenues generated by the hydroelectric turbine.


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  • optimization
  • operations
  • energy
  • power
  • hydropower
  • orifice
  • revenue
  • dam
  • hydroelectric
  • turbine
  • maximize
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