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"Reason 7288: Fulfill count exceeded the available seat count"

Jason -


When I try to activate my license, I get this error:

Reason 7288: The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy for activation id [XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX...] because Fulfill count exceeded the available seat count.

It means that you are attempting to activate a license that is already fulfilled on a different computer.



The fulfilled license must be returned on the other computer before you can activate this license on a different computer. Below are steps you can take that will likely fix the problem. If you have a license administrator that handles licensing, please contact them to assist in following these steps. If you have trouble or any questions while following these steps, please contact support

  1. Open a web browser and log in to the license portal using the activation code that appears in the error message shown above.
  2. You should see an activation line item in this view.
    • If you don't see a line item but only a message of "No activatable line items..." then skip to step 7.
    • Otherwise, check the box for the line item:  
  3. From the View menu, click on "Print"
  4. The Entitlement details page will appear. On this page, you should see the Parent activation ID. Copy the "Parent activation ID" to the clipboard.
  5. Log out of the portal.
  6. Log into the portal by pasting in the Parent activation ID
  7. When you log in, you should see that no activatable line items exist.
  8. Go to the License Support tab and click on "List Licenses" 
  9. You should see the fulfillment record in the list. 
  10. Click on the link for the FID_... link in the "Fulfillment ID" column. The Fulfillment details page will pop up.
  11. Scroll down until you see "COMPUTER_HOST_NAME".     This is the name of the computer that this license is currently fulfilled on. You need to return the license on this computer before it can be activated on a different one!
  12. Go to the computer that has the fulfillment (in my case, it is ISQ-L-JLILLYWH.GoldSim.local)
  13. On that computer, start up GoldSim (install GoldSim if you need to)
  14. In GoldSim, go to the Help menu and click on Licensing... to open the license manager.  2017-05-17_11-38-07.jpg
  15. You should see the fulfilled activation ID in the Activation ID drop list.  2017-05-17_11-39-37.png
  16. Click the "Return" button to return this license. You should get confirmation of successful return. 
  17. Now that the license is returned, you can activate it on the new machine using the deployed activation ID. and look at the license. Make sure you use the new activation ID instead of the Parent activation ID.  
  18. You should see confirmation of successful activation. 



If you have questions about any of the steps above, please feel free to contact us for technical support.


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