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Insert Links From Other Variables

Jason -

Creating links is simple when a GoldSim model is small, but becomes more complex as the model and its hierarchy grows. In large models finding the right element can become quite tedious. As a result, GoldSim has a number of features to ease the process of creating links and locating the right element.

Utilizing Previous and Home Buttons

The screenshot below is of an “Insert Link” dialog in a supply chain model. Note the search box (and search options) along with the Previous and Home buttons at the top of the dialog. Surprisingly, very few modelers utilize these timesaving features of GoldSim.


The Previous and Home buttons are useful when you have a multilayered model and would like make a number of references to elements in a particular location.

When you open the dialog from an input field of an element, GoldSim assumes that in most instances you will want to link to a nearby element, and selects the element that you called the Insert Link dialog from. For example, if you are creating a reference in the input filed of the “Desired_Inventory” element, the dialog will open with the Desired_Inventory element highlighted, as shown above.

Many users are not aware that GoldSim remembers the last element you linked to using the Insert Link dialog. For instance, if you had previously referenced the Delay element in the Product_in_Transit Container, clicking the Previousbutton will open the Product_in_Transit Container and highlight the Delay element as shown below:


If a link that you are trying to make is in the same Container as before, this can save you time by allowing you to go directly to this particular Container. Note that holding the Ctrl key while opening the Insert Link… dialog has the same effect as opening the dialog and pressing the Previous button.

Pressing the Home link returns to the directory of the element you are linking to.

Utilizing Search within the Insert Link Dialog

Within a large model, searching by element ID is one of the fastest ways to find the element that you are trying to link to. You may type in a part of element ID and GoldSim will search all elements including the expression. You can also choose (in Search Options) to search by Descriptions and Notes.

Shortcut Keys for Opening the Context Menu and Insert Link Browser

When an input field is selected, Ctrl + M is equivalent to right clicking within an input field. This opens up the context menu:


You can also use Ctrl + I to directly open the Insert Link dialog (it is the equivalent of right-clicking and selecting Insert Link… and pressing the Previous button).

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