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Link to External Documents From Inside a Model

Jason -

Many times GoldSim models require links to external documents. These linked documents could include data files used by the model itself but they could also be instructions for the end-user, technical papers or URLs. In this article we will discuss two methods for referencing external documents. The first method is done using Hyperlinks and the second method takes advantage of the Note pane. In both methods, the reference path is created relative to the project folder but the syntax required is slightly different.

Hyperlink Method

References can be added anywhere inside the model by going to Graphics|Insert and selecting Hyperlink. Links will appear similar to a model element; however, the double click action will launch the document outside of GoldSim.


Syntax for accessing common locations using hyperlinks:
Internet address:
Intranet address: \\ComputerName\folder\sub folder\Doc Name.pdf
Relative path from project folder: sub folder\Doc Name.pdf

Note Pane Method

The second method uses the Note pane and can be activated by going to View and selecting Note. There are three important differences in the syntax of making references in the Note pane.
1) File references must begin with the keyword “file://”
2) Spaces in file path and file names must be replaced with “%20” (hex value 20 represents a space)
3) Files stored in a subfolder require “subfolder\filename.txt”



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