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Spillway Multiple Gates

Jason -

This model simulates controlled discharge from a reservoir through 4 radial gates at the top of an ogee weir shaped spillway. During the simulation, each gate operates independently by continuously monitoring the water level in the lake. As the lake water level rises and falls, decisions are made at each gate to start opening or start closing. Once a gate is in motion, it will stay that way until another decision is made to stop it. This logic is cloned for all 4 gates but they each operate under slightly different input criteria.

Below is a video recording of a simulation of this model. Note, the dynamically updating charts are in a beta version of the software, that is hopefully going to be part of an upcoming software release!

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Download the Model File:


  • orifice
  • hydraulics
  • weir
  • discharge
  • spillway
  • ogee
  • gates
  • radial
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