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Spline Interpolation of a 1-D Lookup Table

Ryan Roper -

Spline interpolation is a method of interpolation that results in values that vary smoothly rather than in a piece-wise linear manner (see In GoldSim, Lookup Tables contain a set of discrete points (independent-dependent variable value pairs) that are assumed to vary linearly or logarithmically between points (depending on the interpolation setting). This model implements a spline interpolation method to generate dependent variable values from a 1-D Lookup Table that vary smoothly over the range of independent variable values.

Run the model and open the Time History element ('Compare Spline and Linear') to see a comparison of interpolation results. NOTE: To use a different data set length, it is necessary to change the array label set size accordingly.


Camilo Gatica (Golder)

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Download the Model File:


  • lookup
  • vector
  • array
  • Conditional Container
  • spline
  • interpolation
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