Activation Error: Unable to Connect to Server

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If you try to activate your license and do not have access to the flexnet operations website, you might get this error message: 

GoldSim was unable to activate the license! The Flexera Licensing System generated the following error:

Error: communications error (id=3).

Unable to connect to server

Would you like to see the full error log?

Click "Yes" on that window and you will see this message:

Server, comms type SOAP
Status: 4, Creating request
Status: 5, Request created
Status: 6, Context created
Status: 0, Error
Error: API function 60041 failed, result 51404


To resolve this error, first inspect your Internet connection by testing a website in a browser on the same machine. Resolve any connection issues you might have. If you are able to connect to the Internet, then check to see if there is a firewall blocking the site. You could also enter the flexnet operations URL directly in a browser. If you are able to connect to this site and still get the same error when attempting activation, please contact us.




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