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Slot Machine Simulator

Ryan Roper -

This model simulates an old-style 3-reel jackpot machine. The point of the model is to try to win more money than you bet. Insert a coin by pressing the "Insert Coin" button and the "Spent" display will update to show how much you have spent so far. Click on the "Pull" button to make the 3 reels turn independently and at random. The images change to simulate the spinning reels. The 'spinning' starts out fast and gradually slows down. Once the spinning stops, the light above the machine will show green or red depending on whether you won or lost. A jackpot occurs when you get 3 of the same image. In this case, the light will display green and you will be notified that you won the jackpot!

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  • risk
  • dashboard
  • game
  • chance
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