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Optimize Detention Pond Capacity

Jason -

The purpose of this model is to use a simple detention pond model to optimize the pond height in combination with the orifice size in order to reduce peak discharge from the pond while spending as little as possible on constructing higher banks around the pond. There is a unit cost associated with increasing the banks of the pond so the largeer the pond, the more it will cost to increase it. Conversely, the greater the peak flow discharged from the pond, the higher risk to downstream properties so it is advantageous to reduce the discharge as much as possible while still not increasing construction costs too much. This balancing act between orifice size and detention pond size is a good application to use GoldSim's optimization feature.

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  • sensitivity
  • optimization
  • hydrology
  • pond
  • benefit
  • detention
  • stormwater
  • best
  • decision
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