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Mastermind Game

Ryan Roper -

This model shows an implementation of the classic game Mastermind. If you are not familiar with this game, double-click the 'Mastermind (board game)' hyperlink in the model file to go to the Wikipedia article. The GoldSim implementation of the game makes use of some of GoldSim's most interesting features including: (1) advanced dashboard capabilities such as dynamic hiding/showing of controls, (2) Script elements and (3) a Looping Container.

For details of game play, navigate to the model root. Otherwise, to begin play, navigate to the dashboard and click the 'Simulate a Timestep' button in the run control toolbar. Make a guess using the sliders and register your guess by clicking the 'Simulate a Timestep' button.

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  • script
  • looping
  • dashboard
  • hiding
  • disabling
  • game
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