Network of Interconnected Ponds

Jason -

Represents a Flow Network of Multiple Storage Elements that Distribute Water


The purpose of this model is to demonstrate the use of GoldSim elements to represent a flow network of multiple storage elements that distribute water for water use. Water enters the system via "Inflow_Data". This is a Stochastic element that generates random inflow over time. A diversion is represented using an Allocator element, which diverts up to the required flow after first providing instream flows in the river.

The diverted water enters Pond1, which acts as a regulating reservoir. If Pond1 fills to capacity, then any unused water will overflow to Pond3. Return flows are brought back from Pond3 to Pond1 if Pond1 has room for it. Note that a Material Delay element must be used to cycle flows back to Pond 1 to prevent a recursive loop in the flow logic.

The purpose of Pond2 is to provide water supply to Demand A and Demand B. Another Allocator element is used to distribute flows to both of these demands. Since A is higher priority than B, A will get water before B when water in Pond2 is short. All the water going to A is consumed while some of the water used at B are returned to the river and to Pond1. Again, a Material Delay must be used to cycle the flow back to Pond1.


  • flows
  • hydrology
  • pool
  • network
  • allocator
  • balance
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