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Septage Impoundment Water and Materials Balance

Ryan Roper -

This is a septage impoundment water balance model used to determine the size of a three pond system - two ponds: one active to collect and impound solid/liquid waste and one inactive to dry previously impounded waste, and a third pond to evaporate decanted water from the active pond. The model was used to size the three ponds to ensure capacity for the future, that the evaporation pond had adequate evaporation potential to prevent long term accumulation, and that the drying out period was adequate to allow the first two ponds to switch roles.


David Hoekstra (SRK Consulting)

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  • seepage
  • rainfall
  • precipitation
  • hydrology
  • outflow
  • mass
  • balance
  • solids
  • septage
  • evaporation
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