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    Rick Kossik



    Please submit that error to our regular support box (, not the online forum (nobody can help on that one).


    That message is coming from Windows – GoldSim is just intercepting it.  That means it is something that GoldSim did not expect.  To sort it out, we will need the file.

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    According to Microsoft's Structured Exception Handling Functions page, the error message EXCEPTION_FLT_OVERFLOW means "The exponent of a floating point operation is greater than the magnitude allowed by the corresponding type."

    You should look for expressions in your model where you have very large or very small output values by hovering your cursor over the elements while the model is in result mode. It is likely that you didn't intend to calculate such a small/large number in your model but this can happen in stock type elements where the outflow is a function of its own amount. For example, an Integrator like the one shown below will result in a very small amount after only a few days of simulation.

    If you take that output and use it as an exponent in another expression, you will get the same error: EXCEPTION_FLT_OVERFLOW:

    This is just an example and represents only a single possibility among many possible scenarios but I wanted you to see this in hopes that it helps you find where the problem is coming from in your model.


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