Summing final value of each realisation




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    Rick Kossik

    In general, each realization is completely independent of the others, so information from one realization is not available to information from another.  However, there are two ways to accomplish what you want (both will require you to use some advanced GoldSim features):

    1) At the end of each realization, export the result to a spreadsheet using a spreadsheet element. You will need to use the feature that allows you to shift the export location based on the realization.  Then you can sum the values in the spreadsheet.

    2) You could embed the entire model inside a SubModel, and then do the summation outside of the SubModel.  SubModels, however, are a very advanced featture. You can read about SubModels here:!Modules/5/usingsubmodelstoembedmodelswithinmodels.htm 

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    Charlene Wong

    Thanks Rick, I ended up going for approach #1 and it works out. Thanks!

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