Setting the confidence error function



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    Rick Kossik

    I don't completely understand your question.  We provide many failure distributions. Can you be more specific regarding what you want to do?

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    Shohei Kawahara


    I'd like to define the accuracy of failure rate by components.

    When there are two components which failure rate is constant regardless of time as attached diagram, I'd like to define error bars depending on the failure rates.

    For example, component A's failure rate=0.1±XX (Error factor=3)  and component B's failure rate=0.2±YY (Error factor=5) 

    Does what I said make sense? and is there such a function in GoldSim's reliability module?


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    Rick Kossik

    When you define a failure mode, the failure is stochastic.  For example, for an Exponential failure rate, the failures are sampled from a Poisson distribution:

    You need to specify a Rate of Failure.  This itself can be uncertain (a probability distribution).

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