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    Rick Kossik


    We have certainly thought about this. The problem is that for a complex model such a printout would be of limited use (and in fact, could be very misleading). The reason is that, as you know, the containment hierarchy of the model (i.e., local Containers) is extremely important and determines which elements are linked.  That is, an Expression could link to an element called A, but A could exist in multiple places and the containment hierarchy determines which is actually linked to. In a massive printout of this type, this could lead to lots of confusion and misinterpretation. 

    What we have done is allow you to view a list of all elements (with no definitions), and the value of all Data elements as described here:!Modules/5/creatinganxmlmodelinventoryfile.htm

    Can you explain exactly what you would be looking for?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Here's a request from a customer for a model inventory printout capability: " boss has requested a list of inputs and elements along with their values (hard numbers for data property elements and times for delay elements) so that he can glance over them at home during the weekend. I did not think that this was something that GoldSim had a capability to compile a list of. Am I incorrect? Is there a way to get a list of all elements with their associated values?"

    This is a request that I've seen from at least a handful of customers. If we do add this capability to GoldSim, I think there should be a way to select (at least by element type and perhaps also by container) what elements to include in the printout. A full listing of all elements in the model would be overwhelming. And given what this customer needs, it would be good to be able to make a printout of just the data elements in the model and then another printout of just the delay elements.

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    Paksy, Andras (Jacobs)


    This must be one the oldest suggestion that is still - it seems "planned", and I may have been one of the users referred to above. Just wondering where are you with this (or a similar feature) now? 



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