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    Dear User,

    I have a feeling this issue is related to Scenarios. If you have scenarios defined and you generate a Player model, the Player model can only run in Scenario mode. It turns out that time history and final value result elements are only able to display results for scalar outputs. So, if you are trying to plot Array View final value bar charts or Vector/Matrix time history plots in Scenario Mode, then you will not see any data. Your options are to either change your charts to display scalar values or disable scenarios from your model.

    In models in which scenarios are not being used, there are three modes that the model can be in: Edit ModeRun Mode, and Result Mode.  The model is in Edit Mode while it is being edited, the model is in Run Mode while the simulation is actually running, and the model is placed in Result Mode after results have been generated.

    When using scenarios in GoldSim, a fourth mode is introduced: Scenario ModeScenario Mode is a special model state that allows scenario results to be displayed and compared.  Scenario results can only be compared when the model is in Scenario Mode. 

    Although Scenario Mode is similar in some respects to Result Mode (in that both modes are used to view results), there are several key differences:

    • When in Scenario Mode, scenario results can only be viewed in Time History Result elements and Distribution Result elements.No other results are available. Hence, if your model does not contain any Time History or Distribution Result elements, you will not be able to compare scenario results.
    • A model in Scenario Mode has at least one scenario with results.  However, when in Scenario Mode, not all scenarios necessarily have results (since the scenarios can be run independently). 
    • Models cannot be edited in Result Mode.  However, in Scenario Mode, you can edit Scenario Data elements for scenarios that do not have scenario results (i.e., if the Active Scenario does not have results, Scenario Data for that scenario can be edited).

    You can determine what mode your model is in by looking at the bottom status bar of the GoldSim application. When the model ends up in "Result Mode", you will see a green status bar. A model that is in Scenario mode will have an orange status bar. 

    I hope this helps.



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