External DLL and Python




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    Are you able to get your Python code to return a numeric value through the interface of the DLL? Perhaps you could write a function that returns 1 of a series of values that represent a different message where zero might represent no errors. Is that something you could do?


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    Ryan Roper

    Hi Keiran - Have a look at this new model library example that we recently posted: GSPy: GoldSim/Python Interface for Scripting Support. We also posted about it on our blog. GSPy provides ready-to-use 32- and 64-bit binaries and supports error messaging from the Python module to GoldSim. Be sure to go through the README to make sure the GSPy environment is set up properly. Then, for details about error relay from Python to GSPy, read through the extensive comments in the GSPyModule Python files (with the three model examples). Also, you can take a look at the GSPy source code (C/C++) which is included with the zip file that you can download from the model library article.

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