Managing multiple nested models




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    Rick Kossik

    This is a tricky one.  Easiest way is for the four users to put their models in a localized Container and send them to you whenever they update them.  You would then need to tie them all together.  With a little communication on rules/conventions for setting up each model, this should be doable.  Of course, whenever they update the model, they would need to send it to you, and then you would need to replace the localized Container with the new one.  (There is no way for it to automatically update).  By the way, I'm not sure how SubModels could work here.  You really want to build a single model (since they are coupled), not run them separately.

    Some issues could arise here with result charts and broken links, but all should be addressable with a little effort up front.

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    Nicolas Francoeur-Leblond

    Thanks a lot Rick!

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    David Esh

    Hi Nicolaus - you can use submodels to do this too.  The creators of each of the 4 other models would create their models as submodels within GoldSim (their whole model would be located within a submodel with the appropriate input and output interface items defined, those would be the things coming from other models or the things going to other models).  They can edit anything within their submodel.  In order for you to take their updated model you would just need to copy their submodel and replace the old version of their submodel in your model (nesting the 4 models).  As long as the input and output ID's on the submodel interfaces don't change everything should be good to go with no result chart issues or broken links (I think, Rick can correct me if I am wrong).



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