Simple tailings example (changing storage volume)




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    Rick Kossik


    Unfortunately, this is not a file we can share. However, there is a simple version of this in the examples distributed with GoldSim.  Go to File|Open Examples and go into the General Examples folder.  If you open the Pool example, you will see a Container named "Changing Upper Bound"

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    Charles Ikenberry

    Understood.  I have utilized that more simple model and will adapt it to my needs.  It just requires a bit more modification on my part.  Trying not to reinvent the wheel if I didn't have to.  Thanks for the response!

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    Hoekstra, David

    Hi Charles,

    You might want to take a look at a GoldSim webinar I gave in June 2017 - it's in the GoldSim archives.  I discuss a couple of different ways to show how to simulate a changing pool



    Dave Hoekstra

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    Charles Ikenberry


    Thanks for your post, and thanks for sharing that model with the user community.  I have downloaded it and look forward to seeing how you did that.  Really appreciate it.


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    Rick Kossik

    Great idea from Dave.  His webinar discussed this topic in detail.  Here is a link: 

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    Paul Haby

    Another source of information which describes modeling a rising pond bottom (due to tailings deposition or sediment) through the use of offsets to a base stage-storage curve can be found in Joe Donnelly's article: 

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