Slave Process for Sensitivity Analysis




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    Thank you for posting this feature request in our forum. It is an interesting idea and shared by at least a couple others I've recently talked to. Others have made similar request that include extending distributed processing for optimization and scenario analysis. I will add your idea to our list and get back with you on whether it is decided to put this on our short term development schedule.

    Just out of curiosity, how often does this need arise for you and how much time do you think it would save you if you had this ability? Do you know of any others in your organization that need this feature?



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    Tony Zheng
    Hi Jason,
    This niche need arises from models that take 2 to 3 hours of run-time and when I need to test out 3 or 4 scenarios. The total time for this kind of task would then take 8-9 hours. If I can use Slave Process, this may take only 2-3 hours (saving a day).
    I understand that I can certainly run multiple instances on the desktop. But I assume that Slave Manager allows me to remotely initiate those processes on another computer(s) provided they are turned on.
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    Thanks for the clarification, Tony. I agree that your application creates a good case for this new feature idea. If we did have the feature, then yes, it would do as you suggest and allow multiple scenarios to run simultaneously then roll up the results to the master at the end. We will certainly update you on any progress.


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