Any/next plans for the next user conference?



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    Rick Kossik

    Funny you should ask!  We have been discussing this, and will likely have another User Conference in the Fall (probably in Seattle, or perhaps elsewhere on the west coast). We will finalize the plans and announce this in February or March.

    We would actually love to have these more often, as they are great fun (and of great value to attendees).  However, they are quite difficult to plan due to the nature of the power users who tend to attend these conferences.  Most of them are consultants, and hence they often can't commit to attending until a month before the conference!  This makes it very difficult to plan the sessions and the events...  Ugh.  But we are overdue, so I think we will go ahead and schedule one this year!

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    Charles Ikenberry

    Well, I'd be interested in attending and possibly helping in some way.  Of course, as a consultant, it's way too early to commit to that :)

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