May - Events and Hybrid Simulation

Nick Martin -

This webinar was presented by Nick Martin in May 2016. Below is a brief summary and video recording of the presentation. You can also download materials used during the presentation by clicking on the link(s) at the end of the article.

Hybrid simulation involves the use of both discrete event-based and continuous-time based calculations. Events in GoldSim provide the means to introduce discrete event-based calculations to your model. This Webinar provides an overview of events in GoldSim and briefly discusses discrete event and hybrid simulation in GoldSim.



During the webinar, the use of events and hybrid simulation techniques in GoldSim are demonstrated with the aid of a few example models.


Download a video recording of a webinar presented on this topic here.


Download materials used during presentation:

Muskingum Routing with Reservoirs

Stochastic Precipitation Record




  • events
  • hybrid simulation
  • extreme events
  • discrete events
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