September - Runoff Modeling Using GoldSim

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This webinar has been presented multiple times over the years. The most recent presentation was given in September 2016. Below is the video recording of the webinar:

 Link to download the video here.


This webinar will introduce GoldSim models of rainfall-runoff processes.  The webinar will include examples of varying complexity, such as the unit hydrograph convolution methodsthe Hydrologic Simulation Program - Fortran (HSPF), and the Australian Water Balance Model (AWBM). Rainfall runoff modeling has been successfully implemented using GoldSim for water resources and reservoir planning studies and wetland studies.

The continuous convolution method for unit hydrographs will be introduced and demonstrated in GoldSim, followed by an example using a probabilistic approach with this method. The continuous convolution method is an approach that assumes the streamflow hydrograph shape changes with time during the rainfall event(s).

The HSPF method will be introduced and demonstrated followed by a sensitivity analysis on various input parameters. HSPF simulates for extended periods of time the hydrologic, and associated water quality, processes on pervious and impervious land surfaces and in streams and well-mixed impoundments. Currently, only the runoff algorithms of HSPF have been replicated and validated in GoldSim. HSPF is generally used to assess the effects of land-use change, reservoir operations, point or nonpoint source treatment alternatives, flow diversions, etc.

The AWBM, which has been used for various water resources modeling applications in Australia will also be introduced and demonstrated. This model has been shown to be useful in arid climates where the runoff response is non-linear. The model coded in GoldSim (Boughton's AWBM Model) generally works well with calibration, despite of its conceptual simplicity.

Other possible runoff applications using GoldSim will be discussed, such as integration with SWMM, NRCS implementation of SRM, and incorporation of probabilistic analysis within larger system models to evaluate risk and uncertainty.



  • watershed
  • runoff
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