September - Introduction to HSPF in GoldSim

Jason -

This webinar introduced GoldSim's native implementation of Hydrological Simulation Program--Fortran (HSPF). Currently, this implementation does not include the water quality portion of the algorithms but can be used to calculate runoff flows from precipitation events.

HSPF simulates for extended periods of time the hydrologic processes on pervious and impervious land surfaces and in streams and well-mixed impoundments.

HSPF uses continuous rainfall and other meteorologic records to compute streamflow hydrographs. HSPF simulates interception soil moisture, surface runoff, interflow, base flow, snowpack depth and water content, snowmelt, evapotranspiration, ground-water recharge. With GoldSim, additional modeling functions can be added such as channel routing, reservoir routing, contaminant transport, and uncertainty analysis.

The PowerPoint presentation and small example files used for this presentation are linked below:

Here is a video recording of the September 2011 presentation: Archived video of the webinar

Download documents used for the presentation:


  • watershed
  • HSPF
  • runoff
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