August - Building Compelling Graphical User Interfaces

Jason -

This webinar was presented June 2011 and again in August 2012 due to its popularity. You can find links to download and watch the video recordings at the bottom of this article.

This webinar introduced GoldSim’s dashboard element, including advanced features and tips on how to efficiently build nice looking graphical user interfaces. Some examples of dashboards built for real-world projects will be shown during this webinar. 

Basic concepts covered during this Webinar include:

  • How to choose color schemes
  • Basic controls
  • Input Grid control
  • Result Status Display controls
  • Using control attributes
  • Transparency
  • Standardization and reusing dashboards
  • Example dashboards (for more examples, go here)


Video recording of the August 2012 presentation: download file

Video recording of the June 2011 presentation: download file


Download the Power Point Presentation and example model file:



  • controls
  • dashboards
  • GUI
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