October - Pollutant Load Modeling

Jason -

It is often necessary to simulate pollutants that are being discharged from a site. Many models are available to estimate pre- and post-development pollutant loads, such as the STEPL, AVGWLF, WINNSLAMM, Excel Spreadsheet functions, and the P8 Urban Catchment Model. Each model varies in strengths and weaknesses. In this webinar, we will explore the use of GoldSim for performing simple pollutant load calculations over time. Specifically, the following concepts will be covered in this webinar:

  • Applications
  • Review of Modeling Approaches Being Used
  • A GoldSim Modeling Approach
    • Runoff estimation
    • Simulating erosion
    • Buildup and wash-off
    • Mass transport of pollutants

Video recording of the presentation (October 2012): download file

Example model file: download file



  • pollution
  • loading
  • sediment
  • nonpoint
  • contamination
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