January - Script Element - Advanced Functions

Jason -

This webinar was presented by Jason Lillywhite in January 2013. Below is a brief summary and video recording of the presentation. You can also download materials used during the presentation by clicking on the link(s) at the end of the article.

This webinar covered an introduction to the script element, followed by writing more advanced scripts in GoldSim using the Script element. The following concepts were covered in this webinar:

  • Variable definition and assignment
  • IF-ELSE statements
  • Looping structures: FOR, DO, WHILE
  • BREAK and Continue statements
  • Comments
  • Logging warnings and messages


Here is a recording from the January 2013 presentation: Download Script Element Webinar Video

Video recording of the December 2011 presentation: download file


Download materials used during presentation:


  • script
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