June - Scenario Analysis

Jason -

Below is a brief summary of this webinar and video recordings of the presentations given over the years. You can also download materials used during the presentation by clicking on the link(s) at the end of the article.

This Webinar demonstrates creating models with the ability to evaluate and compare scenarios. GoldSim's Scenario Manager allows the users of your Player model to create, run and compare different scenarios. The Scenario Manager, combined with dashboards, provides you with a flexible suite of tools to create powerful decision analysis models. During the webinar, we will develop a dashboard that incorporates scenario inputs and allows you to compare results. We will also walk through the process of generating a Player model geared for scenario analyses.

June 2016 presentation: Download video

September 2013 presentation: Download video

May 2012 presentation: Download video


Download materials used during the presentation:


  • scenarios
  • analysis
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