July - Modeling with Time Series Data in GoldSim

Jason -

This webinar has been presented multiple times over the years. Below is a brief summary of the concepts presented followed by links to video recordings of the presentations. You can also download the example models and Power Point presentation used for the webinar (see links below).

Time Series elements provide a very flexible and powerful way to input external time histories of data into GoldSim. You can use a Time Series element to input the predefined histories of things like interest rates, commodity prices, temperature, rainfall rates, sales rates, cash flows, or the condition (reliability, strength) of a machine or a material. A Time Series element represents an exogenous (external) “driver” that can directly or indirectly influence the dynamic behavior of the system being modeled. The time series element is feature rich and thus it is important that our users learn how to use this element before implementing time series elements in project models. This webinar will introduce you to the basic features of time series element, followed by the more advanced features, including the items shown in the list below:

  • Data sources
  • Defining how the data is represented
  • Defining the primary output
  • Rate of change
  • Time shifting
  • Enable multiple series
  • Importing time series from another model
  • Lookup Functions (New!)


Video recording of the July 2016 presentation: download file

Video recording of the May 2014 presentation: download file

Video recording of the November 2012 presentation: download file


Model files used in these webinars:







Model Files used in the 2016 Webinar:


  • time series
  • lookup
  • data
  • import
  • Processing
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