January - Scenarios in Dashboards

Jason -

This webinar was presented January 2015. You can find links to download and watch the video recording at the bottom of this article.

This Webinar demonstrates creating dashboards with the ability to evaluate and compare scenarios. The GoldSim Dashboard Authoring Module provides a specialized set of tools that allows you to create custom designed interfaces for your models to make them accessible to your audience. Models created using the GoldSim Authoring tools can be saved as Player files and subsequently viewed and run using GoldSim Player, which can be downloaded for free from the GoldSim website.

GoldSim's new Scenario Manager allows the users of your Player model to create, run and compare different scenarios.  The Scenario Manager, combined with dashboards, provides you with a flexible suite of tools to create powerful decision analysis models. During the webinar, I developed a simple dashboard that incorporates scenario inputs and allows you to compare results. I also walked through the process of generating a Player model geared for scenario analyses.


Video recording of the January 2015 presentation: download file

Download the example model files:

Coal Production Cost.gsm


  • scenarios
  • evaluate
  • compare
  • coal
  • cash flow
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