May - Time Series Analysis with GoldSim

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This webinar was presented by Nick Martin in May 2015. Below is a brief summary and video recording of the presentation. You can also download materials used during the presentation by clicking on the link(s) at the end of the article.

This Webinar provides an introduction to time series analysis using GoldSim. GoldSim excels at the simulation or forecasting of time series values. Many GoldSim models, including many models in the GoldSim Model Library, provide for simulation of time histories (i.e. time series of simulation results). The description and analysis components of time series analysis, which are often needed to estimate the parameters used to forecast a time series, tend to be “static” calculations. Although GoldSim is designed for dynamic simulation, there are static calculation capabilities in GoldSim that can be used for time series description and analysis.

During the webinar, the static calculation “tricks” that are beneficial for time series description and analysis will be introduced and demonstrated using several Model Library models. These “tricks” generally involve SubModel interface configuration and using the Time Series element definition which are intermediate to advanced GoldSim features.

Download a video recording of a webinar presented on this topic here.

 Download materials used during presentation:


  • time series
  • scatter
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