June - Reservoir Operations Modeling

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This webinar introduced reservoir operations simulation using GoldSim. Reservoir storage is necessary to use highly variable water recourses of a river basin for beneficial purposes such as municipal and industrial  water supply, irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and navigation. Reservoir modeling has typically been employed to help size reservoir storage capacities, establishing operating policies, evaluating operating plans, administering water allocations, developing management strategies, and real-time operations. GoldSim has been used to successfully model reservoirs for many projects. This webinar helped users see how GoldSim has been used for these kinds of projects and provide insight into various modeling schemes that are useful for modelers who need to incorporate this on real-world projects.

The following ideas related to reservoirs are presented during this webinar:

  • Single pool operations
  • Operation of multiple pools (dead, conservation, flood, surcharge)
  • Interaction with groundwater in bank storage
  • Delivery allocations to multiple users
  • Multiple reservoirs in series
  • Spillway routing

Within the context of these ideas, the concepts of simulating hydrological data used for the reservoirs area also discussed. A couple of examples are mentioned during the webinar, including synthetic streamflow production, indexing of historic records, and dealing with timeseries linked to spreadsheets.


  • Wurbs, Ralph A. "Modeling and Analysis of Reservoir System Operations". 1996 Prentice Hall.


  • reservoir
  • operations
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