January - Modeling Reservoir Outflows

Jason -

Reservoirs are used for modeling accumulation of water, material, currency, power, and even items. GoldSim's Reservoir element is different from the Integrator element in that it allows you to specify optional upper and lower bounds, which may cause unscheduled events to occur in the simulation. Sometimes these unscheduled events take users by surprise and some other users may not even know they are occurring. This webinar walks you through how GoldSim handles upper and lower bounds on reservoirs.

Reservoirs are also used to calculate withdrawals and overflows. Without a lower bound, the Withdrawal_Rate output is equal to the withdrawal rate input. Since most systems require that the Reservoir have a lower bound, the input withdrawal rate is often different than the output Withdrawal_Rate. This concept may also take users by surprise. This webinar walks you through how to correctly model outflows from the Reservoir element. While this subject may sound elementary, it is actually a fairly detailed subject and very important for all GoldSim users to understand.

Download Modeling Reservoir Outflows Webinar Video

Download model files used during the presentation: Reservoir Model.gsm


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