Network License Help - Overview

Jason -

GoldSim uses Flexera’s FlexNet Publisher (FNP) trusted storage licensing system. One feature of this licensing system is the ability to provide concurrent, counted licenses on a network using a license server. Installation and configuration of a GoldSim Concurrent Network license (i.e. a floating license) is a three-part process which involves the installation and configuration of three separate software components to create a GoldSim License Server. These components are:

  • FlexNet Publisher License Server (FNPLS)
  • GoldSim vendor daemon (GTG.exe)
  • GoldSim License Server Activation Utility (GLSActUtil)


The articles in this section are intended to provide basic instructions for installation and configuration tasks for your Concurrent Network license server. The articles included in this section are:


  • license
  • network
  • overview
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