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Network License Overview

Jason -

--This article applies to the following GoldSim product versions: 10.5 (SP6 or later), 11.0 (update 8 or later), and 11.1 (update 4 or later)--

Note that to use a Network license, you must be persistently connected to a License Server.  If the connection is not persistent, GoldSim will limit editing and run capabilities (but not before warning you several times).To use GoldSim by connecting to a Network license, your License Administrator must have already set up the Network license and provided you with an address to the License Server. To access the license, follow instructions in this article.

A Network license can also be acquired for temporary disconnected (offline) use. This is called borrowing. To borrow a license, you must be connected to the License Server. However, once the license is borrowed, you no longer need to be connected to the License Server and can use the license as though it were a Standalone license. Follow instructions in this article to borrow a license.

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