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Check If a License Has Been Fulfilled

Ryan Roper -

--This article applies to the following GoldSim product versions: 10.5 (SP6 or later), 11.0 (update 8 or later), and 11.1 (update 4 or later)--

This article describes how to use the GoldSim License Portal to see which licenses in your organization have been fulfilled and who is using them. For an overview of the GoldSim License Portal, go here.

It is assumed that you already have a GoldSim License Portal user account. If this is not the case, you should contact your license administrator and ask for a new user account to be set up for you. Alternatively, if you have an activation ID and you want to check if it is available for use, you can login to the License Portal with the activation ID. Note, however, that you will only be able to see the status for this one license.

Assuming that you already have a GoldSim License Portal user account, open a browser window and navigate to the License Portal login page:

After successful login, you should see the main page of the GoldSim License Portal which has a list of Activatable Entitlements (see Find an Available License to Activate for more information about Activatable Entitlements).

To see a list of all licenses that are currently fulfilled (in other words, licenses that are currently activated on a machine), click the License Support menu and select List Licenses.

Selecting List Licenses will take you to a License Activation page that shows a list of all activated licenses for your organization. Each line item on the License Activation page shows a Fulfillment ID and the Activation ID for the license. A Fulfillment ID is generated when a license is activated on a machine.

Other information you see for each license on the License Activation page includes the Product name, license Version, the date on which the license was activated (Fulfill date) and the license Expiration date.

To see more information about the license, including the name of the machine on which the license was activated, click the Fulfillment ID for the license of interest. In the new window that appears, scroll all the way to the bottom. The COMPUTER_HOST_NAME is the name of the computer on which the license was activated.


Other Portal Actions

Click on a link below for detailed instructions on carrying out specific actions within the portal.

 Download the GoldSim License Portal Documentation as a single document.

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