November - Modeling Discrete Events

Jason -


A discrete event is something that occurs instantaneously (as opposed to continuously or gradually) in time. It represents a “spike”, a discontinuity, or a discrete change of state for the system. GoldSim handles “instantaneous” changes to a model by providing a mechanism for a model to generate and respond to discrete events. This is accomplished by providing the ability to instantaneously trigger an element to take a particular action (e.g., instantaneously change its value) in response to an event. Hence, in GoldSim, an event is specifically defined as an instantaneous occurrence that subsequently triggers a particular action. 

This webinar introduced modeling discrete events in GoldSim and walked through building and running some models that can be incorporated into your applications.


Below is a video recording of the webinar presentation:


 Download the model files and PowerPoint used for this presentation:


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  • triggers
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