WGENprep: Generate Input File for WGEN

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This model uses time series data and automatically generate the input file you need to run GoldSim WGEN, which is a stochastic weather generator that creates daily stochastic time series of precipitation, temperature, and solar radiation. The WGEN model requires a lot of statistical information in order to run it and it can be quite a project to develop these inputs. With this GoldSim model, you can simply input the time series, change the simulation start and end time to correspond to the time series and the model will automatically export all the WGEN input data to an Excel spreadsheet. All you have to do is start up the WGEN model and then copy and paste the data from Excel right into the WGEN dashboard.

This model relies heavily on another Library model that calculates monthly and annual sums from daily time series outputs in a model. You can find this model here. Using cloned containers, the monthly and annual summary data is used to calculate the statistics for precipitation, temperature, and solar radiation. This information is exported to an Excel spreadsheet file. After you run this model, open the spreadsheet then copy and paste the data into WGEN.

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Download the Model Files and Excel Output File:


  • arrays
  • time series
  • data
  • analysis
  • excel
  • statistics
  • weather
  • WGEN
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