WGEN Weather Simulator




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    Model version 1.015 released on 4 Jan, 2019

    Version Report

    1. Added clarification to some element descriptions
    2. Changed the random number generator for determining wet/dry states in the Markov model from a Random Choice element to a stochastic with Uniform distribution.
    3. Added ability to override the random numbers with a user-defined value for the purposes of validation, if it is needed (so you can predict the outcome).
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    Model version 1.020 released on 11 Jan, 2019

    Version Report

    1. Corrected the label for observed rain, which was mislabeled as "observed radiation" and placed in the radiation portion of the inputs. This change doesn't affect the model output.
    2. Hard-code in deterministic values so that user only needs to turn it on or off to debug in deterministic mode
    3. Minor clarifications in documentation of temperature calculations
    4. Some textbooks define the scale factor for the gamma distribution differently. Some use the notation of lambda and this is 1/beta. Clarified in the documentation.

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