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Rainfall Runoff from a Pervious Catchment (HSPF)

Jason -

The model is designed for predicting discharge from pervious catchments, taken directly from the pervious land segment water balance module of the Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (PERLND PWATER HSPF). Modeled discharge is the sum of surface runoff, interflow, and active groundwater outflow, which can also be viewed separately. 

This model is currently written for deterministic modeling of runoff as a function of fixed parameters and rainfall and pan evaporation rates. It could easily be extended to include snowmelt or time variable or stochastic parameters. It can also be cut and pasted into a localized container in another model to simulate a catchment within a larger system.

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  • seepage
  • watershed
  • HSPF
  • runoff
  • hydrology
  • catchment
  • hydrograph
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