June - Dynamically Representing Stage-Storage-Area Relationships for Tailings Storage Facilities

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Presented by: Guest Speaker David Hoekstra with SRK Consulting

When developing a water balance of the pool on top of conventional tailings storage facilities, simulating the geometry of the pool can be a particularly difficult task given the highly dynamic nature of the pool shape.  Typically, the slurry deposition of fine ground mine tailings will form a shallow bowl with slopes of a few percent, which not only rises at a rate of meters per year, but changes shape and size as it expands to fill the impoundment area.  The water balance should track the area of the pool, elevation, depth and volume, which necessitates developing a stage vs. area vs. volume relationship that can be applied over the entire life of the facility.

This webinar will explore some of the techniques used to dynamically simulate this geometry, and how to implement them in GoldSim.

Below is a video recording of the webinar presentation:


Download and view the model file used during the presentation by clicking on the link below. Note that you must have GoldSim installed in order to view this file. The presentation (in the form of a PDF) is also available below.


Download Model File and Presentation: 


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