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Performance Assessment for a Radioactive Waste Disposal Site

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This model, contributed by Neptune and Company, is a generic radiological performance assessment (PA) for a radioactive waste disposal site (RWDS). It is based on a fictitious waste disposal site, but it incorporates many features and processes typical of a PA. The conceptual site model and GoldSim implementation of the model are described on the Neptune and Company website here: A Generic GoldSim Performance Assessment. According to the model description found on this page, "A practitioner could... start with this model and, by adding site-specific features and parameter values (distributions), use this model as a starting point for a real model to be used in real decision making."



John Tauxe (Neptune and Company)

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  • radioactive
  • waste
  • performance assessment
  • contaminant
  • mass
  • disposal
  • radionuclides
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