May - Introduction to Reliability Modeling in GoldSim

Jason -

RL_300px.pngReliability modeling involves modeling the ways that engineered components can fail (and be repaired) in order to help determine how to increase their design life, and eliminate or reduce the likelihood of failures, downtime and safety risks. The output of these models typically consists of predictions of measures such as reliability (the probability that a component or system will perform its required function(s) over a specified time period) and availability (the probability that a component or system is performing its required function(s) at any given time). More importantly, modeling the reliability of key components in your system (e.g., pumps) allows you to more realistically predict the performance of the system (e.g., What are the consequences of pump failure? How likely is this?).  

The GoldSim Reliability (RL) Module is an add-on extension to GoldSim that allows you to incorporate the possible failure  of the key engineered components (e.g., pumps, conveyor belts, treatment systems) in your models. This webinar provides an overview of the features of this powerful module.

Below is a video recording of the webinar presentation:



  • Reliability
  • module
  • Failure
  • Risk
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