Upgrade the Network License Server

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This checklist is useful for helping you upgrade to a network license server using the Flexnet toolkit version 11.14.1 and newer. For a fresh installation of the license server, see the Install and Configure a Network License article. This article is merely a checklist to remind you of the essential steps of the process but there are many options that you may need to consider for your specific application that are not included here. For additional detail about the installation and configuration process, it is highly recommended that you carefully walk through the procedures detailed in the "GoldSim License Server: Installation, Configuration, Basic Maintenance and Operation" document. 

Follow these steps to upgrade the license server:

  1. Open a web browser and enter "localhost:8090" to open the FlexNet License Server Management Interface. Find and record the vendor daemon port number currently being used by clients (you will need this number later on).
  2. In the web gui, click on the "System Information" tab and record the license server manager port number. 
  3. Open Windows Services (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, then Services) and stop the lmadmin service
  4. Open a Command Prompt as administrator and change the directory to C:\Program Files\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager 
  5. Type the following command: "lmadmin.exe -removeService lmadmin". You should see a message indicating that the service has been successfully removed.
  6. In Windows File Explorer, locate and run the FNPLS uninstaller program. 
  7. Follow the steps in the Install and Configure Network License article to complete the upgrade process.


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