February - Effectively Checking for Mass Balance

Jason -

This webinar demonstrates how to effectively employ a mass balance accounting for a typical material or flow balance model. It is important to accurately track the sum of all inflows, outflows and change in storage in the system so the model can be validated. You will see how to create a warning system in the model that takes into account numerical roundoff error. Another important factor in this method of mass balance checking is that you account for changes in a cumulative manner so that errors that might occur during unscheduled events might also be accounted for. We will also discuss ways to better organize your model to make it easier to close the mass balance. After watching this webinar, you will be better equipped to develop valid flow and material balance models for your projects.

The example models used for this presentation can be downloaded from our Library:

Pond Flow Network

Mass Balance Check

Below is a video recording of the webinar presentation:

 Optionally, you can download the video file from here.



  • model
  • mass balance
  • validation
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